Why isn’t there much yet?

It is a good question !

UPDATE::19-12-17:: I just completed my first session at UQAC/NAD – it was great and I plan to add on navigation to research experimentation, portfolio and other stuff soon.

Bellow are some Highlights…

Learning Clarisse IFX

See the experimental result : http://guillaumeisabelle.com/r/home/xmush/learning-clarisse

Lightning and texturing experimentation
Click to see theresults

I desire : Meaningfulness, usefullness, organizational greatness…

…and ?

It is in the Germination phase 🙂 Do you know what that is? Yes | No

It is also getting built under the hood 🙂

What is the Germination phase ?

Well, it is the first phase of creating anything and is followed by the assimilation phase. What to know more, ask me 🙂