Digital Decision Making

Today was reviewing one of my prototype for creating a digital decision making model send again I was mind blown by the simplistic powerful technique that is.

In less than five minutes I was able to create a model for deciding if I should buy a land or not.

Here are a few things contain into digital decision making model:

  1. The model is a separated into key elements
  2. Key elements or compare with each other to form a structural dominance
  3. This structural dominance is used when analyzing reality to give a binary results (taking or not taking the land)

In my case, “sound quiet” is a dominant element that if not there, I don’t buy it.

Not within budget -> No. No need to check anything more, not within budget, don’t take it.

Understanding this dominance is related to what I value the most and I just love how easy that is to discovers those valuables elements and how reassuring it is when I am analyzing reality : it resumes to observing each elements I have in my model and mark them acceptable or not in the current land I am evaluating.

If you want to know more about it, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dominance Chart – The mandatory elements the land must have to buy it.

Dominance chart of a Digital Decision Making model

When analyzing reality (a new land being evaluated), Not Quiet, it is NO !!

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