shading::957::What is: Megascan AO ; nm:190822192042 ;idug:c6132fad-7bb0-4aca-89b2-6cd278685456

What is: Megascan AO – Ambient Occlusion

Source: shading::957::What is: Megascan AO ; nm:190822192042 ;idug:c6132fad-7bb0-4aca-89b2-6cd278685456

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  1. Ambient Occlusion

    AO represents diffuse light occlusion and is to be multiplied with the diffuse albedo in the shader. This map comprises 100% real-world shadows and is fully separated from the diffuse albedo. The albedo and AO are thus to always be used in conjunction with each other, as they blend perfectly together. This applies to both offline and real-time contexts, as the AO map contains scanned occlusion that cannot simply be derived from displacements alone. If you wish to reduce texture memory or simplify the shading, do not discard the AO but instead multiply it with the albedo beforehand in an image processor and use it as a traditional diffuse map.

    Workflow: Metalness / Specular
    Context: Real-time / Offline
    Characteristics: White = No occlusion, Black = Occlusion


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