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JoyOfVexA 20 day program, each day aiming to be between 5 and 30 minutes plus exercises.IntroductionThere’s a few stages to learning Houdini; getting into nodes and proceduralism is one, dynamics is another, vops is another. But the one that can seem the most daunting is learning vex.This series of lessons is designed to make it less scary. It’s not for total Houdini beginners; the lessons move fast and assume you know about geometry attributes, sops, and have a general understanding of how to get around Houdini. It’s also not a complete coding course for vex, that’s way too big a task to deal with in 20 short lessons.Instead, this series aims to be like a phrasebook for learning a foreign language. You won’t be a fluent vex master in 20 days, but the lessons cover what I use vex for in 80% of my work, and will allow you to follow along with more complex vex examples you might find elsewhere. I provide some links to other resources at the end of this series.

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