Syntax-highlighting Code Block (with Server-side Rendering) – WordPress plugin |

This plugin extends to Code block in WordPress core to add syntax highlighting which is rendered on the server. By performing the syntax highlighting on the server, there is then no need to enqueue any JavaScript on the frontend (e.g. Highlight.js or Prism.js) and this ensures there is no flash of unhighlighted code (FOUC?). Reducing … Read moreSyntax-highlighting Code Block (with Server-side Rendering) – WordPress plugin |

Command Line Renders

Method1:hscript nameOfFile.hipncyou will likely see a number of messages about Redshift and then Entered … session are now in your houdini filecd outlsrender mantra1or whatever you have named your mantra nodequit to exit from hscript (you could also write the above as render mantra1; q)OR opparm -c mantra1 execute; qMethod2:hython “C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini … Read moreCommand Line Renders