Syntax-highlighting Code Block (with Server-side Rendering) – WordPress plugin |

This plugin extends to Code block in WordPress core to add syntax highlighting which is rendered on the server. By performing the syntax highlighting on the server, there is then no need to enqueue any JavaScript on the frontend (e.g. Highlight.js or Prism.js) and this ensures there is no flash of unhighlighted code (FOUC?). Reducing … Read moreSyntax-highlighting Code Block (with Server-side Rendering) – WordPress plugin |

=== Plugin Name – WordPress plugin |

Compose your WordPress posts on any device, cross-platform, online or offline in OneNote and easily reuse content from all your existing notes. Manage your writing workflow by keeping posts at various stages of drafting in OneNote. When you’re ready to publish, simply pick a page and hit publish from this simple add-in. Source: === Plugin … Read more=== Plugin Name – WordPress plugin |

WordPress Jetpack Plugin: 7 Compelling Reasons to Install It

To recap the benefits we’ve covered today, Jetpack enables: Faster image loading times Improved security against brute force attacks Highly accessible traffic stats Automated content sharing Easy multiple website management Downtime monitoring Engagement boosting related posts Jetpack Plugin Conclusion Typically, installing a WordPress plugin will bolster only one element of your website’s functionality. However, by … Read moreWordPress Jetpack Plugin: 7 Compelling Reasons to Install It

Layer Slider Plugin – Web Settler

For elegant and professional WordPress slidersSlider Plugin is a multi purpose slider for creating Image sliders,Content sliders, and mind blowing slideshows with stunning effects. It uses modern technologies to provide the smoothest experience that’s possible. It has beautiful & easy to use visual drag & drop slider builder with realtime preview. It supports beautiful and … Read moreLayer Slider Plugin – Web Settler

15+ Best “Gutenberg Blocks” Plugins For WordPress (2019)

WordPress launched their long-awaited Gutenberg editor. This editor replaces the previous TinyMCE editor and brings a totally new way of creating content with lots of features. With the new Gutenberg editor, each part of your content is a block. You can add or remove blocks in your content. In simple words, Gutenberg editor is more … Read more15+ Best “Gutenberg Blocks” Plugins For WordPress (2019)