Afelia RNS – Reading Notes System

History: I started this project years ago as I discovered with a diagnostic a “Visual limitation” (my visual memory is not quite good) Note that it does not mean my “Picturing skills” can not be use but just that my eyes and the communication with my brain is not acceptable. That said, I started listening instead of reading, imagining, eyes closed, what I was earing and that was a partial revelation for guiding myself mastering what I desire to master to achieve creating what I want. And here is born RNS (codename Afelia)

Purpose: Rendering accessible textual source for knowledge integration using Hearing sense.

Relevant Observations: Picturing Skills and concentration are getting better when listening.

“A sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception.”

Technology used to created it: YOURLS, JavaScript, MySQL, PDF2Text, PHP, iOS Shortcuts, Apache, Routing, NodeJS

State: Acceptable proof of concepts. Usable laboratory prototype.