Scattering the forest using Clarisse

Why using Clarisse?

What is Scattering?

  • How did they do it on the Painting?
    1. Point cloud? “Geometry as a no point cloud area”
      1. Sounds it is a

How did the Scattering done for the Painting?
Instead of generating the Point cloud from geometry, use geometry as a no point cloud area.
What is “using geometry as a no point cloud area”?Geometry generates a texture image from an orthographic top view resulting in a black and white matte
The map will automatically update if the geometry changesThe matte image was connected to the input dissimation covering the ground.
Duplicated the Point cloudthe goal is controlling Density and variety
using the same mapShrink, blured
Small Vegetation on the Ground
One for exceptions such as big trees, dead trees
Another for grading between small and large vegetationwere middle trees
How do you convert a geometry into an image in Clarisse?

What is “using geometry as a no point cloud area“?