@v Mastery of 3D/VFX procedural software. Procedural 3D software pipeline processing.

@a Animate a camera, render it, make a movie, observe what your photogrammetry results give in 3D.

@a Houdini Gallery, A Scene with many assets, Share camera between scenes

@a Texture cleanup of the Photogrammetric result – A texture is recreated and the blasted polygons are removed from the geometry exported. The geometry is importable into Clarisse and other 3D software. I can update nodes in Houdini and update the asset export/publish in less than a minutes. I can paint on the model on the texture and the rendered model/texture updates in less than 2 min.

@cr Scanning Reality and create a 3D Model {Created Photogrammetry, Straintenen a model, Blasted edited polygons, Camera and Perspective.}