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DTS – Structural Dynamics Trading System

Structural Dynamics is a discipline I am learning to master mostly using Robert Fritz’s work.

Components of the DTS Suite:

Structural Dynamic Charting Analysis and Data Creation.

Visual Charting.
Visually analyze the market with structural dynamics indicators and a connection to the Entry services so you can easiely create a Strategic Divergence Breakout Entry

Data Creation.
At each time the market transactions are changed and that the data require refreshing, unique indicators and algorithm are creating data on which all services feed themselves.

Structural Dynamic Strategic Divergence Breakout Entry Services.
This part of the suite is to plan the creation of market entry based on structural dynamics principle such as momentum and divergence in the price bar.
Simple: You expect a movement after some structure in the price to change, you select the breakout position and the service will make sure to watch the market for the desired structure in the last period (divergence) and that the target breakout has been reached.

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