Sketchfab Community Blog – Tutorial: Meshroom for Beginners

Image acquisition The shooting quality is the most important and challenging part of the process. It has dramatic impacts on the quality of the final mesh. The shooting is always a compromise to accomodate to the project’s goals and constraints: scene size, material properties, quality of the textures, shooting time, amount of light, varying light […]

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WordPress multi site Kit part 1

Well, I’ve discovered the multi site capability of word press and I’m currently in the process of mastering all the possibilities it offers. Here are some of the things I find interesting out of my few first experimentation. You install a set of themes that become accessible in each sites You install plug-in can you […]

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“MIT’s Dr. Jay Forrester – is not necessary to explore systems issues

Forrester is known as the founder of system dynamics,

“MIT’s Dr. Jay Forrester pioneered much of this work in the 1950s and 1960s. For our purposes, it is not necessary to explore systems issues, yet we do want to cite some of the wisdom that has been described by MIT’s system dynamics group, some of it portrayed in Peter M. Senge’s groundbreaking bookThe Fifth […]

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