Raining simulation test

Evaluation/Analysis/Plan/Feedback Observation, analysis and evaluation Great drop on the middle end. Splash on left interesting, might be too high Splash in general good Dropping, acceptable Center 50%, acceptable Side Sliding too close to camera and looks weard Correction CHG Frame to 30mm (side slide are probably just too close to camera to look good Feedback … Read moreRaining simulation test

=== Plugin Name – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Compose your WordPress posts on any device, cross-platform, online or offline in OneNote and easily reuse content from all your existing notes. Manage your writing workflow by keeping posts at various stages of drafting in OneNote. When you’re ready to publish, simply pick a page and hit publish from this simple add-in. Screenshots Locate the … Read more=== Plugin Name – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Microsoft Announces New OneNote Partnership with WordPress

On Friday, Microsoft announced a new partnership between WordPress and its digital note-taking app, OneNote. For those unfamiliar, OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office suite, and Microsoft’s answer to Evernote–it allows users to take notes, write to-do lists, and make sketches, all of which are stored in the cloud. This makes your notes accessible … Read moreMicrosoft Announces New OneNote Partnership with WordPress

Harmonic Tension and Release

Harmonic Tension and Release Harmonic tension is tension that is produced by chords and chord progressions. We study the details of this particular element of music composition in harmony but here are some common ways of creating harmonic tension.  The first is through dissonant (or unstable) chords, which in traditional harmony always require a resolution … Read moreHarmonic Tension and Release