## ([Version Fran├žaise](../conditionsacheteurs)) # Buyer Terms of Service ## AGREEMENT FOR THE SALE OF AN ARTISTIC WORK ### Copyright The ARTIST remains the holder of all his copyrights, including the right to exhibit the WORK publicly, the right to reproduce the WORK in all these forms and by all means, as well as the right to communicate publicly the WORK in a non-material form, for all countries and for the duration of the copyright. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the PURCHASER may, however, reproduce the WORK for personal archival purposes or for insurance purposes only. Any other use requires the authorization of the ARTIST. ### Terms of sale AMOUNT: The cost of the WORK includes, where applicable, the framing, the base or any other support, to which all applicable taxes will be added. TERMS: The amount due is payable in one installment through PAYPAL. An interact transfer is also possible. The ARTIST remains the sole owner of the WORK until full payment of the sale price. ### Packaging and transportation If applicable, the costs of packaging and transporting the WORK are the responsibility of the PURCHASER. ### Custody and conservation As soon as he is in possession of the WORK, the PURCHASER is responsible for the conservation as well as the costs of conservation of the WORK given to him by the ARTIST, the PURCHASER declaring that he has received the WORK in good condition and acknowledging not having the right to modify it in whole or in part. The PURCHASER undertakes in particular to preserve and maintain the WORK according to the instructions of the artist. Access and loan of the work A written notice of at least fifteen (15) days sent by the ARTIST to the PURCHASER must precede access or borrowing. This notice must inform the PURCHASER of the duration and terms of access or borrowing. Unless otherwise specified by the PURCHASER, the ARTIST undertakes that the name of the PURCHASER shall appear in any exhibition for which the WORK will have been borrowed in any catalog where the WORK will be reproduced. ### resale right The PURCHASER undertakes to notify the ARTIST or his successors in writing of the resale or transfer of the WORK to a third party, within thirty (30) days of the sale. The notice will indicate the third party's name, address and telephone number. The PURCHASER shall notify this third party that THE ARTIST has reserved all his copyrights, in particular his right of exhibition including a right of access to the WORK. ### Dispute resolution The parties undertake to make all reasonable efforts to resolve any dispute relating to this contract or arising from its interpretation or its application by means of mediation in accordance with the procedure provided for in paragraphs 1 to 7 and Book VII of the Quebec Code of Civil Procedure, as specified in the Act instituting the new Code of Civil Procedure (Bill 28). If the parties have not reached an agreement within sixty (60) days following the appointment of the mediator, one of the parties may have recourse, if necessary, to the courts of common law. They thus expressly waive the application of paragraph 37 of the Act respecting the professional status of artists in the visual arts, arts and crafts and literature and on contracts with distributors. ### Related persons This agreement binds the assigns and heirs of the parties. ### Laws and judicial district This Agreement is governed by the laws of Quebec.